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A word from Davey Blaze.........

About Me

My name is Davey Blaze and making quality custom action figures is my passion. As making custom action figures is an art and not a science, I am always striving to improve my art and the quality of my work and hold myself to the highest personal standard. One of my Goals is to move from making traditional Custom Action Figures, which are often made using parts from existing action figures, to having figures with completely original sculpting throughout, including the joints and to eventually offer 100% Original 'Davey Blaze Toys' Action Figures. The joy that someone recieves when they own a personalized figure brings me immense happiness and it is an amazing process to see a piece transform and come to Life. I enjoy making customs for myself to own as well as making them for others and I truly hope that you enjoy perusing my page. Thank you for your visit and your interest! Don't let the flames and leather fool you, I am actually a very friendly person and would be very happy to hear from you! I truly hope you come visit my website again to see what's new. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook  or Send me an Email to join our mailing list by writing to

and keep up with all of the newest creations from your friend....

              DAVEY BLAZE!!!!!!!!! 

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