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"Powered Up and Ready to Play"

Submitted by O. Soliman



"Here is a truly retro version of a strong Scarlet Witch in full control of her intentions. Davey Blaze and I discussed several "Old-Hollywood" Leading ladies who could have played a great Scarlet Witch. He said with this figure he was going for a "Natalie Wood; circa 1969" look. He certainly got the face right, aye? I think the overall face and body type also looks a lot like Maureen O'Hara; circa her pirate movie days.., or even a young Joan Crawford! Look at those strong eyebrows! The overall expression on her face is just priceless!!! Either way, she is another magnificent custom sculpture by Davey Blaze! This is Wanda Maximoff as a strong equal to the other members of 'The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants'. Davey even has a detachable power-blast for her hand. This time she's come powered up and ready to play! I just love her stance,..she's so well built and curvy here and that self-aware grin is trememndous! I love the collar around the neck with laces in the front, very dominatrix-like. The dark, deep scarlet paints here are gorgeous and the detail all over the figure is incredible!! Those long gloves and delicate hands, the garter belt straps and fishnet stockings, laces on the front and back of her corset as well as on her boots, her power blast..!!! I do not have another custom figure in garter belts and stockings but now I wish they all had them!! With that bobbed Rosalind Russell hairdo, she really looks the part of the 1940's bombshell! and the lingerie stockings and laced boots puts one in the mindset of those classic nose art cuties that were painted onto classic WWII fighter planes. This woman is not to be trifled with. She stands tall, grinning confidently, more than a match for any challenge. No one would ever try to burn this witch at the stake! Although I am also partial to his first "Scarlet Witch: 1st Appearance Custom Figure" (I regret not buying that version of her), I challenged Davey Blaze to make another "Scarlet Witch:1st Appearance Custom Figure" who was more wicked, self-confident and full of power. I have to say that the new face works perfectly. The new detachable cape is very chic! The cape alone is quite masterfully crafted. What beautiful detailing!!! She is DEFINITELY a more darkly hued interpretation of THE SCARLET WITCH!!!"


~O. Soliman, U.S.A.

6, December. 2013

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