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"Making The Wife Happy"

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Rodge, U.K.


"So after what seemed like an eternity's search of the net for a Tank-Girl figure I randomly come across this site. I ping an email across and before you know it Davey Blaze is making me 2 tank-Girl figures. The service was excellent, lots of communication and pictures. I'm in the U.K., so it's a long way for the figures to come, but with so epic of wrapping skills and strong words with the post office they arrive undamaged. The Wife Loves them. The detail is amazing. The workmanship gone into the figures is mind blowing. I now have a place to go for all my custom figures. DAVE IS AWESOME. And, best of all, the Wife is happy."


~Rodge, UK

Sent: 4 January, 2014 

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