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"Reinventing the Custom Figure"

Submitted by O. Soliman



"As a reader and a fan, one gets a certain sense of some kind of reality to the characters you are reading about. Who they are, what they are like, how they react in each adventure. Eventually, you may feel like you've come to know them a little. There is a kinetic and emotional movement to comic books that lends a Lifelike feel to its readership. Then there have been posed figures or static action figures issued of many characters. Then some very talented custom figure artists sought to take those images further and delve deeper into characters not yet touched upon. Rarely do you find someome who truly captures some kind of essence of your favorite characters; a New, Fresh take on the character that you never considered before. Davey Blaze is such an artist. Looking at his finished works, you can see the trend toward realistic facial expessions like that of a painting along with an ideal pose of a statue. The posture and attitude of an animated movie along with the retrofitted costume designs of a Hollywood designer. He is making his own set of rules and breaking them almost at the same time. In a few short months Davey Blaze has taken custom figure artwork to new heights of his own making. His approach is clearly unique,and I certainly hope it catches on. That twinkley-eyed glance, that smirk, that scowl, the little girl lost/far away look, that self-possesed glare, can find all of these in his custom figures. The characters you thought you knew, now reinvented, redesigned, reinvigorated the Davey Blaze way. I am a long-time comic fan and custom figure afficionado,...and a Big Davey Blaze fan.

Can't wait to see where he goes next!"


O. Soliman, U.S.A

5, January. 2014

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