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"Me? As

Tank Girl?!?"

Submitted by Raven Riot



"My boyfriend sent Davey Blaze Customs a picture of me dressed as Tank-Girl for Halloween and surprised me with my very own "Raven Riot as Tank-Girl" Custom Action Figure!!!!! 

I was so impressed first with the craftsmanship and second, but not least with the detail!!!! Little things that one might over look as unnecessary details, Davey made sure to add in, making my figurine a fun and accurate mini-me!!


I recommend that if you are a comic fan or have a photo of a friend dressed as their fav character, 

SEND IT TO DAVEYBLAZECUSTOMS because this was the coolest birthday present anyone has ever given me!!!! I was both shocked and thrilled. 


 Thank you Davey, for the fantastic work!!"


~Raven Riot

12, Jan. 2014

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