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"Bucky: As We've Never Seen Him Before"

Submitted by O. Soliman



"I bought the "Bucky Barnes with Star Spangled Pistol" Custom Action Figure from Davey Blaze Customs, which sent Davey and I on a long discussion of this interpretation of Bucky Barnes as a somewhat more mature kid partner.., almsot as if he had survived the War as Captain America's sidekick a few years longer. The expression and overall bodily posture tells of a certain self-confidence. The musculature and paint detailing are telling of what is to come from the very talented Mr. Blaze. From the buckle clasps and star on the belt packs, to the individually sculpted buttons on the chest flap, to the well-quaffed hairdo,..Bucky is fully realised as a maybe 20 to 30 year old person, fully in charge of his powers, abilities and talents. Here is Bucky as we never got to see him,...a young adult coming into his own. Somewhat similar to Dick Grayson becoming Nightwing. Sidekick no more!! Well done, Davey!! Another unique vision brought to life in your own inimitable style."


~O. Soliman, U.S.A.

6, December. 2013

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