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"Magneto: Master of Magnetism, The way he was Meant to Look"

Submitted by O. Soliman



"Here is Magneto, the Master of Magnetism the way he is meant to look. Pictures do not do this one justice enough. Anyone who Loves Magneto or The X-Men should have this figure to represent him!! With Toad as his jester, Magneto is a "KING" figure. The helmet wears very much like a crown. Davey knew to accentuate this look by his sculpting of the horns over his forehead. The pose is very majestic, floating effortlessly, full of power! The thickly hairy eyebrows bring out his sunken, glazed over eyes!! The artist again was intuitive enough to know not to pupils in the open eyes. Not only does it give the figure a look of being bursting full of power, it also adds a look of him being ultra-human or something other than mere mortals. To be discussing the look on a custom figure's face is phenominal! The other details on the figure are fantastic, as is the paint job. His musculature is perfect! A figure of supreme confidence. Again, the pose is quite a godlike stance, open palms showing Magneto needs no weapon, he IS a weapon. Aloof, noble and majestic. This Magneto is not the elderly, stay at home kind of King! He is more in the Alexander the Great vein, recruiting powerful allies to his cause. The X-Men movies show him doing this to great effect. Davey Blaze has re-imagined the Mutant-King as a godlike figure to be revered. Great job again Davey, bravo!! This one is another masterpiece that at the same time reinvents and captures the original character perfectly! Best Magneto I have ever seen." 


~O. Soliman, U.S.A.

8, December. 2013

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