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"Quicksilver: a Compact Little Masterpiece"

Submitted by O. Soliman



"I own this 'Quicksilver: 1st Appearance' Custom Action Figure. It's a masterfully pure vision! He is all attitude,.. cocky,..self-assured,.. just full of himself right down to the smirk on his face. Davey Blaze is one of the few custom figure artists who concentrates on facial expression and highly detailed body sculpting. He also has each posed in an ideal position to intensify the overall attitude and expression. You can see the progression of his work through the figures at the website. This latest Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Set showcases the great leaps he has made in producing an overall presentation in his figures. His own very original take on some classic characters. I have rarely seen such attitude in custom figures. Quicksilver really is a compact little masterpiece. The detailing of the body, highlighted by fantastic painting, vibrant colors, carefully sculpted lightning bolts and wing-like shoes. The confident, smirking face, head cocked to one side is topped of with silver eyebrows and very tossled hair. Davey is also an innovator with this figure and his Magneto in making the stand to mount the figure onto an actual part of the overall sculpture. Here he sculpted skidmarks onto the base as Pietro (Quicksilver), comes gliding to a high speed halt. These latest figures by Davey Blaze are the closest to poseable, fully sculpted statues. Brilliant and very artful!! Great job, Davey! Can't wait to see what you do next!!!"


~O. Soliman, U.S.A.

6, December. 2013

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