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Q. How can we contact you?

A. Email me at

with questions or to place an order.

Q. Do you answer all Emails?

A. Yes, I will answer all relevant Emails as quickly as possible.

Q.My mail was not answered. Why?

A. Please be sure that you use a non-generic subject for your email and mention the word "Custom" in it so that it is not regarded as spam.

Q.Where are you based?

A. We are based in the United States.

Q. Do you combine shipping?

A. No, shipping is calculated based the weight of your order, your location and the required shipping method.

Q. Are the Figures on your site the Prototypes or the Final product a Customer could expect to see?

A. Each Figure here is the Final Product. Barring upgrades made in design that are not always added to the site photos, each Figure shown is nearly identical to what the Customer would receive aside from the slight variations one might expect from a painstakingly crafted hand-made product.

Q. What are your methods of payment?

A. PayPal is the preferred method of payment, although with the addition of new Payment Apps all the time, there is no harm inquiring about other options.

Q. Do you sell your figures on eBay?

A. Not currently, no.

Q. Do you sell your Figures on other sites?

A. Although I maintain communication with Customers and fellow artists on other sites, this is the only site through which Figures I make are sold.

Q. What scale do you work with?

A. Typically all figures range between 6" to 9", though Figures made in a different scale may be available upon request.

 Q. How long does each figure take?

A. It depends on level of difficulty and our current queue, though quality always comes before haste.

Q. Do you have a Back-stock of completed Figures that can be purchased and shipped immediately?

A. That is the plan for the near future and occasionally certain Figures are Complete and available, but generally each is "made-to-order".

Q. Could I order a Figure for a specific Date/Event?

A. If a figure is needed by a certain date i.e. a Birthday or special event, be sure to make us aware of that at the time of making a request and we will let you know if that is possible. However, It is possible to pay an additional fee in order to have a figure completed by a desired deadline. 

Q. To which countries do you ship?

A. To any and all where shipping is available, which to my knowledge, is every country! Shipping costs vary by location.

Q. What Service do you use to ship Internationally?

A. Currently USPS Registered Mail is the most secure way and our preferred option, as it guarantees safe delivery.

Q. If I am outside of the US and my Country charges taxes on my order or other customs fees or Duty, is that included in the price D.B.C. charges?

A. No. Each Customer is responsible for knowing their own Countries tax codes and applicable fees before placing an order. D.B.C. is not responsible for what Governments charge independently.

Q. Do you make copies of previous figs you've made?

A. Yes, unless otherwise specified. Any figure design I've done may be revisited, but this is more true of the newest Figures, which with few exceptions feature 100% Original Parts. 

Q. Can you turn me into a figure?

A. Certainly! In most cases, that is not only doable, but lots of fun!

Q. Are figures safe while shipping?

A. Yes. All figures are securely packaged, generously wrapped in bubble wrap, and other protective wrapping, boxed securely

and are marked as fragile. We will always take every reasonable precaution to ensure safe arrival. Deliveries also come with Shipment Tracking wherever Tracking is available.

Q. Can I get a figure of myself with my favorite pet or musical instrument?

A. Yes, in most cases, assuming that figures of the animal or item  in question are available in the proper scale or can be replicated, although the addition of any additional figure or certain accessories (i.e. musical instruments, National Flag, painter's easel, Desk or furniture) may affect price depending on the item.


Q. Since Customs are hand made and hand painted, what do I do if I scuff or accidentally damage my custom after it has lived with me for awhile?

A. Touch up and repair services are available, and price can be evaluated based on level of damage and required repair. I will do everything I can to ensure you can keep this custom forever and I wouldn't mind if it pops back in for a visit and touch up for an agreed upon and reasonably low price

Q. Are there any figures you will not make?

A. Yes. As my figures represent me as an artist, and kids have a strong attraction to toys and they may be exposed to children, I will not make any figures which are pornographically explicit. D.B.C. may decline making a Figure for other reasons, but generally besides that, the sky's the limit! 

Q. Will you make a custom based on my own (the customer's) design or idea?

A. I would Love to!!! Any chance to help bring someone else's creativity or original characters to Life is an absolute pleasure and I welcome any of your ideas! I will always be honest about what I believe is within my ability to create and I  embrace a challenge!

Q. What is your Official Return Policy?

A. Our Official Return Policy can be found here: Return Policy

Q. May I ask a question that isn't listed here?

A. Yes! All relevant inquiries are welcome! Just write me at

I would love to hear from you!!!

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