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First Time Buying 

a Custom Action Figure?

Never bought a Custom Action Figure before? It's totally normal to have lots of questions! ​Here are some sample questions and ANSWERS for YOU! There are also many more answers on the F.A.Q.-Frequently Asked Questions-Page. 

Feel free to email me anytime with any other questions you have, too! I'd be happy to hear from you! Just write me at:




  • QUESTION: Can I have figures made of anyone?                       (Myself, my friends, my family, my own or fictional character, my Son-In-Law, Daughter-In-law?) My Favorite Singer, etc.)                                           ANSWER: YES!!!

  • QUESTION: Will You Make a Figure of Any Person or Character I want?                                                                       ANSWER: YES!!!

  • QUESTION: How much do they Cost?                                       ANSWER: At the moment prices for Custom Figures from Davey Blaze Customs (D.B.C.), genrally start at $80 and go up to $300 for select figures. I try to keep my prices as low as possibly for my customers.

  • QUESTION: WHY DO PRICES VARY?                               ANSWER: Many factors affect the price such as level of detail, level of original sculpting, required materials, if there is a deadline/short working timeframe, size of the figure, etc. But please, Never be ashamed to discuss price and be open about financial limitiations. As an Artist, I understand these things and do my best to keep my prices as low as possile.

  • QUESTION: How long does it take between me ordering a figure and me recieving the figure?

  • ANSWER: How long the figure takes depends on a variety of factors like level of detail, if there are customers who have orders ahead of yours or if materials need to be ordered to complete your order. Whenever a customer is given a price quote, however, they are generally given an estimate of when they can expect their item.

  • QUESTION:Can I have an order completed by a specific deadline? 

  • ANSWER: Yes!!! If the deadline is reasonable it would not affect the price. If the deadline is tight, it may affect the price. The customer would be informed of wether it was possible or not and what the cost would be ahead of time before commiting to the order and were it not possible I would let the customer know. It is important that D.B.C. be informed of any deadlines prior to committing to an order for these reasons. If an order is place before a deadline is made clear, I can't promise to be able to meet the deadline.

  • QUESTION: Do you ship anywhere in the World?                     ANSWER: Yes!!! Although shipping outside of the U.S. Is generally more expensive because it costs more to insure packages and guarantee arrival.

  • QUESTION: Is Shipping Cost included in the price of the figure?                                                                                     ANSWER: No. shipping Cost and Taxes are calculated seprately from the cost of the figure, but are given as part of the Price Quote each customer is given before they commit to making an order.

  • QUESTION: Are there any surprise fees, or will I be charged if you hit a snag in creating my figure?                                     ANSWER: No. You will never get any surprise fees and will know before you agree to have your figure made how much it will cost in the end. When Davey Blaze Customs commits to creating a figure, overcoming any challenges becomes our Mission!!! With Davey Blaze Customs, My Goal is a pleasant ordering process and a Happy Customer!

  • QUESTION: Can you Make a Figure of my own design even though I am not the most advanced artist and can't provide the most perfect sketch?                                                            ANSWER: Yes!!! Although photographs or sketches make it much easier to do, a good description can go almost as far with helping the Customer realise their vision for the Perfect Custom Figure for them!

Need a few more answers? I Love a good question! Just send me an Email and I'll write back to you, lickity-split! Just write me at: 

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