Friends who's support, advice or contribution behind the scenes have helped make the work of Davey Blaze Customs possible.

Jacqueline Vidler, Photographer

If you've ever wondered how our Figures here at D.B.C. manage to look so sexy in their photos, now you can discover our secret; They are each photographed at an upscale Boudoir Studio by the amazing and talented Jacqueline Vidler! The Lady behind our gorgeous images is a gifted photographer and is the Owner of Enfoque Intimates Boudoir Photography Studio. She also has a keen eye for adventure!


Jean St. Jean, Creatureplica, Jean St. Jean Studios

Jean St. Jean is a Toymaker and Master sculptor. He is directly responsible for many of the most amazing figures and collectible sculptures ever released. He has worked for McFarlane Toys, DC Collectibles, Diamond Select and others and is the Founder, Sculptor and C.E.O. of CREATUREPLICA, the first High end Toyline based entirely on Cryptids and Crytozoology. When striving to acieve one's best, one can do no better than to recieve the advice of a Master. Jean is a very humble guy and has always been willing to offer helpful advice. 

His work serves as a major source of inspiration.


The Joe Simon Estate

Joe Simon (Oct.1913-Dec.2011), is a major source of inspiration for me. The Creator of Captain America and many more, Joe is a Comic Book Legend. Having created, drawn,written and inspired some of the greatest characters and stories in the history of comics. The effect that his work has had on the World of Comic Books and its impact on American Culture is beyond measure. Partnering his talents with those of illustrator Jack "King" Kirby, the powerhouse duo created comics that changed the game. One of the Forefathers of Modern Comics, he is one of the men who truly shaped the art form and one of the creative Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics. Not only was Joe a prolific Comic book man, but he was a spirited, boisterous and passionate human being who never lost his creative spirit. A Veteran, himself, Joe created characters that inspired the Nation during times of War and peacetime, alike and encouraged people to strive for a higher moral standard. Having a friendly appreciation of his fans, many people attest to Joe being as rich a character as any that he created. 

His Surviving Relatives carry the torch of that fire he lit, allowing fans to get a closer look at the Man behind the creativity by sharing his art (some previously unpublished), which might otherwise have become lost to time and the kind of stories that most fans miss out on. The Legacy of Joe Simon is one worth celebrating and his Family are committed to preserving his memory so that his Legacy may be enjoyed by future generations. They are good people, some of which I am Honored to know and call friends. I hope, and I'm sure they do as well, that the Worlds appreciation of Joe Simon and the inspiration he provides to his fans even today is something that only grows as time goes on. 

Websites: Joe Simon Estate-Official Site  

              Joe Simon Estate-( Facebook)

              Joe Simon Appreciation Group -(Facebook)


Alex Gailor, C.A.D , CNC

Alex is a good friend. He is an expert with CAD and CNC Machines and has helped D.B.C. with several projects that required thinking outside the box and the use of heavy machinery. He has also done a wonderful job of refining rough architectural sketches made by Davey Blaze and using them to create functional base pieces for D.B.C. figures.

Zac Higgins, NV Woodwerks

Zac Higgins has vast expertise with many technical and artistic practices. With a knack for teaching and a willingness to share his knowledge, Zac has been an incredible help to myself and many others. Along with offering one-on-one advice, Zac is known for posting incredible, concise tutorial videos and podcasts that cover a variety of tools, processes and applications. Besides that, he's a heck of a nice guy!


Kevin Jones (Kjonesthemighty), The Stranded Robot

Kevin Jones (kjonesthemighty on Instagram), is an Artist with a gift for adaptability.

He is willing to take on any madcapped Artistic endeavor his brain can come up with, no matter how insurmountable the odds. He has been a helpful friend, exchanging war stories and sharing advice when projects or tools decide to be uncooperative during the pursuit Artistic vision. His work spans a variety of areas from figures to collossal teeth. When it comes to the art of Kevin Jones, one never knows what strange worlds one might encounter.


Lab Monkey Number 9

Lab Monkey Number 9 is another friend who specializes in thinking outside the box. This Artist has a Unique flair for creating original mash-up figures and drawing forth uniquely strange and dazzling creations directly from his imagination. His creativity is always inspiring. He has a distinct pop-art sensibility and knows how to work within the confines of a limited budget. Lab Monkey Number 9 has been a helpful ally when equipment has been uncooperative and has a lot to crontribute to the World of Art.

Website: LabMonkeyNumber9 on Instagram

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