Live In Sheffield-Deluxe 10" Action Figure

with Diana Dors Backdrop

This 100% Original 10" Figure features Morrissey

Circa his Live performance in Sheffield, England, 11th of December, 1992

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This piece of art is meant as a Tribute to a Great man. Davey Blaze Customs does not own any rights to

Morrissey's Music, name or image.

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Morrissey Live In Sheffield Deluxe Figure

Morrissey's Signature Hair Style: Some Liberties were taken with the length of Morrissey's hair (in terms of the length it was in 1991), in an attempt to capture the essence of Morrissey's hair throughout his career. This is sort of a cross between 'The Smiths' Era, Bona Drag Era, with a touch of his most current look.