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Submitted by Thomas F.


"This is my first time dealing with Davey Blaze Customs, and I have to say, I am totally blown away! The first thing that comes to mind is the caring, detail oriented, and absolutely friendly and fun way that Davey communicates with his customers through the whole process. I feel like an old friend now more than a customer. "Custom" is a dying thing in our world today. But Davey took into consideration all of my special requests and put together a figure of one of my absolute favorites, Tank Girl. He made every adjustment I requested so that the figure was exactly what I wanted. The craftsmanship is ABSOLUTELY amazing. It is incredible how he can take a 2D picture and bring it to life, sculpted in 3D. My figure is super detailed and the hand painted colors are vibrant and beautiful. It was a complete joy dealing with Davey and the resulting figure is a cherished collectible that I am very proud to own. I look forward to dealing with Davey again in the future. Thank you very much Davey Blaze. I love my Tank Girl! EVERYBODY DOES!


*To Davey BlazeWe care for my 97 year old Grandmother.  She was at the table when I unpacked Tank Girl.  For many many years she made beautiful hand made porcelain dolls as a hobby.  She loves to see my figures when I get them.  She was mesmerized by the painting and the details in your work.  You trancend generations my friend."

Thomas F.


June, 10th. 2017

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