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"A Completely New Vision"

Submitted by O. Soliman



I commissioned this custom figure. What Customizer Loosecollector said about this figure is right; This one does deserve to be Most Talked About! And Davey Blaze deserves to be the most talked about custom artist. His approach and direction have taken a constant wave of topping himself. I thought that his Toad was a masterpiece. But his Missing Link might really be even more polished and more creative. He has reached the point where if there is a base figure used to create his custom figures, it is so changed that it is no longer recognizable in the finished product. This is like a big, very solid, heavy, fully sculpted movable statue. Every part of the figure seems like an original and unique impression. The amount of improvised invention here is really beyond what we usually see. I kept writing to him saying,"creepier, more twisted and grotesque!! I want horror in the face and knuckles dragging on the ground!!" But what he produced was nothing like what I expected. I was seeing a kind of Berni Wrightson/Jim Starlin muscled statue. But Davey created a wholely original version of this old-timey Hulk villain. He took each version of the comic drawings, somehow combined them and added his own original ideas to create a completely new vision. Just look at the pictures of this figure. Each of the joints also move in a unique way. He stands and moves unlike any other figure. And yet, he still satisfies wanting a custom figure that makes you think of the original character AND something new and different. I wish I could explain how well sculpted this figure really is. The head shape, the ears and teeth and wrinkles around the eyes are all finely detailed. That expression on his face!!!,...which Davey Blaze is the master of. His characters always have an attitude in their expression. You can almost imagine what they are thinking/experiencing. I mean, look at that open mouthed yarl, the flaring nostrils, that one half closed eye,... The shape of that head is outstanding!! The upper body has a series of uniquely sculpted muscle groups that really convey a caveman-like stance. The upper torso is completely original. From the bent over, hunched back muscles to his twisted chest and stomach muscles. Each muscle group is highly detailed and built up right up to the neck that all looks like it fits together perfectly. He really does look like his knuckles might drag on the ground. Then there are his crouched muscled legs and lower torso that move independently of the upper part. The furry underwear is also finely detailed. It must have taken forever to sculpt all of that and get it to look like a fur loin cloth. The overall effect is just outstanding!! If you ever thought you wanted a new interpretation of a classic older character,.. this is it! He also created the figure so that it glows in the Dark and I'm not sure I can even describe the glowing paint effect. I wish I could get a picture of it. He said that he was experimenting with glowing paints for radioactive characters. 


I've been wanting him to make grotesqueries, twisted monsterous characters, just to see what he will do with them. He is obviously so talented at making oddball body shapes. But I would also like to see him do some classically ideal "Superman" type characters, like Captain Marvel, just to see what expression would end up on their faces. 


I have to say thank you for making an old 1970s Hulk reading fan a happy owner of a Missing Link. Way back when, he was considered a major Hulk nemesis for a short time. He was just one of those characters that you always wanted, but never thought you would see a figure of. You really topped yourself with this one!


Davey, your Missing Link just might be your absolute masterpiece. Putting Davey Blaze characters next to a regular Marvel Legends toy makes you see how lacking in emotion and attitude most figures are. He has been quietly creating little masterpieces. Real works of art that take custom figure modeling in a very creative direction. If Davey Blaze can top this one, I can't wait to see it.


O. Soliman


July 15, 2014

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