Live In Sheffield-Deluxe 10" Action Figure

with Diana Dors Backdrop

This 100% Original 10" Figure features Morrissey

Circa his Live performance in Sheffield, England, 11th of December, 1992

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This piece of art is meant as a Tribute to a Great man. Davey Blaze Customs does not own any rights to

Morrissey's Music, name or image.

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Morrissey Live In Sheffield Deluxe Figure

This Figure includes a nigh indestructible backdrop made of alluminum composite which features the timeless beauty of the immortal Diana Dors, a Legend in her own right. This image is used courtesy of generous permission from Diana's Son, Jason Dors-Lake (Thanks again, Jason!). It slides into a groove in the Morrissey Figure's Stage, which is made of real oak!